In their own words, our Clark Society members share why they chose to honor the LA Phil through various legacy gifts. Read and watch their inspiring stories below: 


Edna R.S. Alvarez

At nine years old, perched on her great-aunt’s folded cotton coat for a better view at Carnegie Hall, Edna R.S. Alvarez experienced the moment that would define her lifelong love affair with music. “I can still picture it precisely,” Alvarez reminisces about that transformative evening, a vivid memory that has echoed through her life like a cherished melody.

Errol Briggs

Errol Briggs’ commitment to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association and the Hollywood Bowl is a shining example of how individual generosity can leave a lasting impact on the arts and the community. Briggs’ story is one of deep connection and dedication to the transformative power of music, most recently exemplified by his decision to include a bequest to the LA Phil in his trust.

Stan Kamin

Growing up in Los Angeles, Stan Kamin’s early memories were intertwined with the vibrant rhythms and melodies of the LA Phil, echoing from the iconic Hollywood Bowl. “I remember going with my parents to the Bowl,” Stan recalls, "when we would sit in the dollar seats way up in the nosebleed section.”

Sue Clauss

Clark Society and Affiliate member Sue Clauss has been involved with the LA Phil as a subscriber and supporter for over 35 years. She is passionate about the LA Phil and has included the Phil in her future plans. Listen to her story here.

Karen Gottlieb

Karen has supported the LA Phil for years as a subscriber, donor, and member of the Clark Society and Affiliates. She has included the Phil in her estate plans to ensure that future generations have access to classical music and music education. “Having the Phil in my backyard is one of the greatest privileges of being in Los Angeles.” Listen to her story here.

Ron Myrick

Clark Society member Ron Myrick shares his love of experiencing classical music at the LA Phil and how becoming makes you feel like a part of the orchestra.

Vikki Sung

Donor, Affiliate Committee co-founder, volunteer, President of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA), and Clark Society member—Vikki Sung has done so much to help the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association bring music to millions across Southern California. Vikki also made the LA Phil a beneficiary of her 401(k).

Karl Loring

As a committed volunteer, Karl Loring brought both his keen business acumen and his colorful, charming wit to the LA Phil. Mr. Loring made the LA Phil a beneficiary of his estate to ensure the orchestra he loved in his lifetime thrives for generations to come.

Barbara and Maury Mortensen

Clark Society member, Barbara Mortensen, attended her first opera at the age of five. Her love for music started there and has never slowed down. Read on about Barbara’s story and why she left an estate gift with the LA Phil.

Debra Pelton

Clark Society member Debra Pelton believes that Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the greatest places in the world. She is proud to support the LA Phil now and in the future with a legacy gift.

Don McDonald

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association is deeply grateful to longtime donor and subscriber Don McDonald, who recently chose to create a charitable gift annuity with the LA Phil. His generous contribution will both support him throughout his life and provide critical funds to help the LA Phil bring music to millions across Southern California.

Gertrude "Trudy" Lehrer

Trudy celebrated her 100th birthday alongside the LA Phil. Listen to her incredible story here.

The Hirsch Family

Siblings Elizabeth, Jennifer, Adam, and Steven Hirsh grew up attending the Hollywood Bowl alongside their parents, Anita and Stanley. These siblings chose to honor their family’s legacy by making a philanthropic gift through their mother’s trust.

Hervey and Doris Segall

Clark Society members Hervey and Doris Segall had their first date at an LA Phil concert over 60 years ago. The LA Phil remains an important part of their lives. They’ve chosen to include the LA Phil in their future plans to ensure that the next generation of music lovers might also experience life-changing moments like their own.

Jackson Henry

Jackson Henry wants to ensure that the LA Phil is still around for his grandkids, which motivated him to create a charitable gift annuity through the Music Center Foundation.

Jay Bartush

Like so many of the generous members of the LA Phil’s Clark Society who have left a gift to the LA Phil in their will or trust, Jay Bartush decided to leave a bequest to the LA Phil because of his deep, lifelong love of music.

Jim Thompson and Diane Birnbaumer

Jim Thompson and Diane Birnbaumer are philanthropically driven to support music education in their community. They have included YOLA in their estate plans to ensure that all young people in Los Angeles have access to classical music. Listen to their stories here.

Jon Johannessen

Clark Society member Jon Johannessen could not imagine living in Los Angeles without experiencing the incredible LA Phil. Jon has included the LA Phil in his estate plans to ensure that the orchestra’s legacy lives on.

Kate Stoever

Former Board member and current Affiliate and Clark Society member Kate Stoever has been an LA Phil subscriber since 1964. She states that it’s her mission to support the LA Phil. Listen to her inspiring story.

Larry Rubenstein

William Andrews Clark Society members Larry Rubenstein and Susan Auyang have been music lovers their whole lives. To honor his lifetime love for music, Larry made the LA Phil a beneficiary of his retirement account.

Mimi Rotter

For six decades, Mimi Rotter has been a loyal LA Phil subscriber, donor, volunteer, leader, and friend. By including the LA Phil in her will, she helps ensure that the LA Phil will live on for generations to come.

Raulee Marcus

Raulee Marcus supports the LA Phil as a donor, Affiliates volunteer, and as a Clark Society member. She couldn’t imagine her life without the LA Phil, which she proudly believes is the most innovative and courageous orchestra in the world.

Reese and Doris Gothie

After moving to Los Angeles in 1948, Reese and Doris Gothie became devoted fans and subscribers of the LA Phil. Following Reese’s passing, Doris wished to honor his memory and ensure that future generations would continue to be inspired by the music that uplifted them throughout their lives. In 2001, Doris Gothie donated her home—retaining the right to live there for the rest of her life—and named the Fourth horn position in the orchestra the Reese and Doris Gothie Chair.

Scott and Barbara Bice

Scott and Barbara Bice have been loyal LA Phil subscribers for more than fifty years, but it was the arrival of Music & Artistic Director Gustavo Dudamel a decade ago that inspired them to make a tremendous legacy gift to support the LA Phil's Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) program.

Jeff, Sean, and Karen

The Clark Society brought this trio together at the 2022 Clark Society Luncheon.

Claudia Choi and Ben Adrian

Claudia Choi and Ben Adrian, devoted members of the William Andrews Clark Society, have woven their appreciation for the arts into the fabric of their lives, particularly through their support of LA Phil as donors, subscribers, and friends.